• Dear Diary….

    Posted on June 4, 2017 by in Straight from the heart


    Dear Diary,

    Surprised to hear from me? I guess so, we never really get to share more often… Well, maybe this is just a great start of new things to come.

    I recall that few weeks ago, the excitement of visiting Ghana seemed to lighten my thoughts a lot; Yup! I cherish moments that such trainings offer because of my craving to frequently interact with people from diverse backgrounds. Learn to grow was quite interesting and my expectation is that the academic potential training will lift the bar of excitement even much more. Again, there is this need to meet an objective as highlighted pre and post learn to grow – get a hold of listening with empathy.

    Wow, how fast the days seem to fly….I am in Ghana already. My first impressions from the few colleagues I met at the airport? Errm, I think we RFC people are quite an exciting bunch to be around.

    Here in Ghana too, the days never seem to crawl at all. It seems just like yesterday when we got to know each other via some games during training….but that was Monday! It was a good moment to meet more RFC colleagues and make new friends – the smart farmerline team. I found the team particularly thrilling to engage in conversations with; great to know we still have creative young folks in Africa, who are ready to give everything to make their dreams come true. Yeah, what better time to put my learning objective to a test! Listening to some of the farmerline friends was quite engaging and my urge to constantly finish sentences for them out loud or within me is too tempting; afterall, I already know quite much of what they share….via visiting their site and reading about them on the internet. I felt bad at the end of the day though….it felt like I was still at level zero with my learning objective.

    The beauty of Monday? my words for the week; passion and enthusiasm. Enthusiasm did help a lot; Tuesday to Thursday did offer much more thrilling experiences. I am very glad I faced each day with a positive mindset; surely helped.

    The farm visit of Tuesday, was quite eye opening as well as heart warming. Dee, can you imagine the challenges most of these farmers go through to make ends meet? The passion in their eyes sunk straight into my heart. Making the visit with the enthusiasm of a child helped a lot too. I was able to leave them with quite some fresh understanding and the opportunities there seem quite much.

    Wednesday brought excitement to a whole new level; it was nice we started with the daily quotes from Nelson Mandela’s book and shared dairy quotes….this was just the start, daily sessions like this were to continue. Working in groups to help solve challenges so as to create value for the farmers, farmerline and potential partners was a whole new experience…again, it was very important to work with passion and enthusiasm. I found few opportunities to test my resolve to work on my learning objectives; I see improvement. Yippee!

    The presentations and African Party were the major highlights of Thursday. I found it particularly exciting to be chosen from the team to present our work together with another colleague, Lily. Why? You may ask….it’s been a while I had the opportunity to speak to sell ideas to an audience; you agree that our new home in Netherlands doesn’t offer so much in this area.

    It was quite a pleasing result at the end of the presentation; well done! Lily, Julia, Scarlett, Britt, Teun, Lexis and Schandorf…. It is equally important to add that the feedback session earlier this day was great; any surprises for me? Nope….same whole need to listen better….but again, the improvement is beaming.

    The African party was cool…been a while I danced to great African Music. The ambience was good too… well done organizers!

    Today, as I write this piece dear diary, it is important that you know I will share the contents in few hours and guess what? The training comes to an end today! Did I feel engaged all through? Is there a sense of fulfilment? Am I happy? The answer is an emphatic Yes! I also still admit that there is lots of work to be done beyond this….and of course, I am up to the challenges that may come. Bring it on, I am a survivor!

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