• UNILAG Drama: What’s in a name?

    Posted on May 30, 2012 by in Kini big deal?

    The recent change of the name of a foremost education brand from ‘University of Lagos’ a.k.a. UNILAG to ‘Moshood Abiola University’ by the Federal Government of Nigeria seems to have been greeted with mixed feelings.

    While some see it as a welcome development to give honour to whom it is due, others have received the news in fury and have chosen to air their views via various means.

    With protests on the streets of Lagos and opinionated reactions via Social Networks because of this act by the government, I’m baffled and forced to ask the following questions for which I seek your answers;

    What’s more important, the name or the content?

    Are both interdependent??

    What really is in a name???

    What’s the way forward?

    Please share your views on this page


    Protesting UNILAG Students

    Protesting UNILAG Students

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  1. anonymous says:

    Moshood Abiola University a.k.a Unilag. Is here to stay, I think Unilag students will eventually come to a realisation that the difference between ‘sikira’ & ‘Diana’ is the content of the person’s character…not the ‘annoying’ or ‘swagless’ sound of their names.I received the news with annoyance to,as Unilag was an unbeatable brand name…but then all we’r angry about is how moshood sounds rather rural…and Unilag very swag!!!
    It’s time they gave up the protests and return to their priority – Studying!!!

  2. Duz says:

    What really is in a name?
    It’s for name, men don’t stop till they get a male child
    It’s by name, great men are remembered
    It’s through name, history is preserved
    It’s because of name, that A can’t get what’s B’s
    It’s in a name, we recognize that we are brothers
    It’s a name, half the world holds on to for salvation.
    So what could really be in a name? Unfortunately, we may not know until we change our names

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