• Romance blues: Crying ‘wolf’ !!

    Posted on February 18, 2012 by in Straight from the heart


    Ladies and gentlemen of the civil…relationship-tendering society,

    It’s still the valentine season, a period when a lot of us are more particular about the day itself. Personally, though I’d like to refer it as a season of  “frivolity”; afterall,  so many the activities  are carried out in other to express one’s so called love to their partner…question is ‘what happens thereafter? Love should go to hell? (hey, I’m entitled to my own opinion ain’t I?).

    The season brings forth expectations as well; many of our ladies expect a standard from us dudes and vice-versa…totally understandable. Infact, it would be silly, and should be considered a misdemeanor in the court of law if certain basic attitudes and expectations are lacking in a relationship. Treat the each other nicely, with respect, consider  wishes and emotions, little gifts and romantic gestures are a necessary and of course, the compliments and general oral appreciation and vocal expression are compulsory.

    But is there a need to worry and make up issues when these expectations go unfulfilled? Well, read through my story and decide.

    Here I am just back from work all tired and fagged out; hectic day, troublesome boss. There’s my queen, just back from the salon…. Hair, facials and everything on point! She’s prancing around the house like a new bride..… I settle on the sofa, half hungry half asleep, stressed like I have worked for couple of years with no break. After our usual hugs and kisses, sleep creeps in, Toni is maaad! “What nerve have I got…. she wonders. My crime? Her royal sexiness’ new look has gone unnoticed….. a crime indeed (ladies deserve to be appreciated). Come to think of it, she went through the trouble for me (I’m a rare modern day guy; I love to see my woman irresistable).

    Conclusion: “I don’t pay attention to her anymore, she’s no longer the center of my world”.

    Do i really blame her?? Nahhh! That the past few weeks have been crazy is an understatement; paint this picture: calls received in the past two weeks- 388, hours spent at work per day- an average of 13, to mention a few.

    Thoughts begin to creep in; every call and discussion with a pretty lady becomes a reason to pull d house down. Guess what? “Everyday na the same thing” just as the late Afro-beat Kinng would sing. At this point, my crime remains unknown to me yet, my sentence has been passed.

    The next day I wake up 5 o clock as usual and zoom off… she’s furious.

    Conclusion: I must be seeing someone else!

    The little issue has blown into a full blown battle in her heart and has affected her countenance and mood….not to forget, she has been kicking my balls (pardon the expression) in her head to inflict as much pain as possible, forgetting that the I have never failed or put up this behaviour before (let’s just agree that I don’t do it that often).

    I am not left out of polishing this drama; afterall, a very little fickle of thought in my head assumes that her ‘sudden cautiousness’ of her looks is for someone else (my woman could make any jaw drop). Nowadays too, I ‘think’ dinner is always being served late. Despite all these, the “new lady” in my life won’t let me be; I have to work hard to earn my salary and she has to ensure that we don’t lose a juicy account.

    This Valentine season, a number of expectations were not met by various partners, let’s not bite their heads off or bury such partners just yet, a lot of causes could be responsible, and even if not so, there is an entire life time to make up for this one time or one day of not meeting up to your expectations. Relax babe!.

    Guess what, on getting to the office the next day, just as I send out a sweet poem that ended thus…. ” you looked lovely last night, even angels in all their beauty and glory would envy you my darling, Love you muchos” from my phone, I looked up to meet the smiling face of Toni. She had found the right time time to place smiles on mine too; with sumptuous lunch.

    Now, who says crying wolves can’t take out time to smile?

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