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'Bare' hugs and wishes: Diary of Pbearswag

_______________________________ Romance blues: Crying 'Wolf'! _______________________________ Pbearswag gives an account of his valentine's day celebration as extracted from his diary. _______________________________

What's 'hawt' & what's 'nawt'!.... Soulmates Soiree

_______________________________ Welcome to the world of unique events and concepts as packaged by Aval Anche. _______________________________ Avalanche Concepts and Events is a promising and fast-growing brand that has stuck in the minds of many. This brand has consistently used an artistic blend of ideas and creativity driven by a passion to promote brands and produce outstanding events and concepts over the years. _______________________________ Here, we take you along to explore the works of the brand.... ______________________________

The truth is......

....One of Naija's top Music label; Chocolate City's MD/CEO is Audu Maikori. _______________________________ Question is 'how does his magic wand work'? _______________________________

__ Atoloy's Musings__

_______________________________ Here, Hephzibah exposes his thoughts via very interesting write-ups that inspire and motivate readers. _______________________________

No candle loses its fire lighting up others; .Inspire .Aspire .Believe .Achieve" - Aval Anche
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